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Dollar Car Rental

As one of the largest rental car brands in the industry, Dollar is recognized globally for it's world-class travels services, strong line-up of vacation planning services and quality rental cars.

As an iconic giant, Dollar boasts some 629 rental car locations worldwide in 52 countries. United States and Canada alone provide more than 359 locations in the western hemisphere. This sprawling network offers a stunning fleet of late model low milleage rental vehciles from which to choose from.

Dollars mantra is simply, "provide the public with a combination of the best services available in the industry at the most competitive prices possible." As a competative rental car brand, Dollar maintains a major presence in both cities and airport locations around the world.

Synonomous with amazing convenience, Dollar make it easy to take advantage of it's car hire products. From weekend specials to daily rentals, Dollar offers an array of car perks that are guaranteed to meet your needs. Why not take a weekend getaway in one of Dollar's specialty vehicles today? Why wait when you can take advantage of Dollar's exclusive Last Minute, and Partner Specials.

Home to a number of large theme parks and attractions, Orlando is recognized as the #1 vacation destination in the world. This sprawling network of theme parks cover a vast area in the Orlando area. It can be extremely helpful while touring the Orlando area to have a car. Dollar Rent A Car can help you do just that!  With low prices and quality service it can be a simple vacation for you and your family!

With so many restaurants and sites in the area its only natural to want to explore.  Dollar Rent A Car can help you do that.  The Walt Disney Resort's four amusement parks and two water parks are conveniently all located in the same location.  However, this does not mean that you can walk from park to park.  Some of the parks are miles away from the others, and require you to wait for a tram, which can add up to a lot of waiting.  With a car for your personal use you are ensured quick access to the parks, and an easy ride home at the end of the night.

Renting a car can be beneficial to your trip, and easy to do.  Select from the latest and most economical cars, pick the one that fits your needs!  With this in mind be sure to rent a car from Dollar Rent A Car and make your trip a pleasure.